Our Newtown Theatre

The digital era is here. The Newtown Theatre must purchase digital projection equipment in order to remain in operation.   We need your help and donation.

Since 1906, whether projected on bed sheets or modern screens, the beloved Newtown Theatre has shown movies.  From first-run to independents, from foreign films to classics, the posters adorning our lobby tell Newtown Theatre’s rich history  as the oldest continuous exhibitor of quality films in the country. Until now, all movies have been shot and stored on celluloid 35mm film stock.  Those days are over.

Beginning this year, digital technologies will be the exclusive means of capturing, delivering and projecting first-run movies.  Starting in 2013, the movie studios will no longer provide first-run movies on 35mm film stock.  While the Newtown Theatre will use its current 1940’s era film projector to show movies that still exist on film, to show first-run movies, the Newtown Theatre must purchase digital projection equipment. The cost of this equipment exceeds $100,000. To meet this cost, large movie theaters and multiplexes have buying power and studio advantages. Similar benefits are not available to an independent, non-profit, local theater like Newtown, which must turn to the community for help.

Newtown Theatre is a vital part of Newtown’s commercial, architectural and cultural history. First built in 1831, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Newtown Theatre has continuously been the artistic center for films, parties, music and gatherings in the greater Newtown community. A strong contributor to our local economy, the Newtown Theatre has been enriching the lives of all who attend as well as the surrounding businesses and residents for decades. In today’s world, the Newtown Theatre’s personal touch is a cultural energy we want to preserve.

Our digital equipment capital campaign project is your chance to ensure that the historic Newtown Theatre remains a unique and vital element of the Newtown community. This is not an “open-ended” campaign, but one we must meet by 2013.  Please consider making a contribution. Your tax-deductible donations may be made out to the “Community Welfare Council,” and can be mailed to the Digital Projector Fund, 226 North Lincoln Avenue, Newtown, PA 18940.

Thank you.


J. Eric Johnson

Newtown Hall Movie Theatre Capital Campaign Committee
J. Eric Johnson, Marjorie E. Torongo, David Callahan, Frank B. Fabian, Duane Buck,
Priscilla Fareno, Thomas J. Walsh, Esq., Ian Bogert, Andy Smith,
John T. Parry, and The Honorable Dennis O’Brien